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Seller FAQs

Why should I have Import 1 Motorsport sell my car?

When you make the decision to sell or trade your car, you have two choices:

1) Sell/trade the car to a dealer, which can be convenient but often results in a price that is far less than the private party value.

2) Take on the time consuming and costly challenge of selling it on your own.

Import 1 Motorsport allows you to sell your car without having to go through the hassle of preparing, photographing, listing and maintaining the cleanliness of the car. We also deal with all appointments to show the car so you don’t have to take time out of your schedule, or have strangers coming to your home. Our reputation, access to financing options and ability to accept trades make it much easier for customers to find and purchase a car through our dealership.

  • Make more than you would on trade-In and avoid having to deal with low ball offers.
  • Save Time & Eliminate Hassle.
  • Selling from your home is a potential safety risk for you and your family.
  • We answer all the questions and concerns potential buyers may have with your vehicle.
  • We process all of the necessary Title and Tag paperwork.
  • We inspect, clean, photograph, list, and sell your car.
  • We keep your vehicle detailed for demonstration.

What Does Import 1 Motorsport need from me?

  • Title or loan payoff statement
  • Registration
  • Driver’s license
  • Proof of insurance
  • Keys
  • Service records that will add to the value of your vehicle.



What does it cost to have Import 1 Motorsport sell my car?

There will be an up front fee of $595, which covers the expense to prepare and market your vehicle for sale, including interior and exterior cleaning, a Carfax history report, 30+  photographs, ad copywriting, and various online listings such as CarGurus.com, Cars.com, Carfax, listingallcars.com, and ebay. If your car happens to need an extensive detail it will cost an additional $100. After we sell your vehicle, we take an 8% fee directly from the proceeds. Our incentives are completely aligned: If we don’t sell your car, we don’t get our 8% fee.

What services am I paying for?

When you Consign your vehicle with Import 1 Motorsport, we will use all of our resources to sell your car quickly. We will research market conditions to help you price your car competitively, clean and prepare your car for sale to maximize its curb appeal, advertise and display your car in our indoor facility, manage email and phone inquiries as well as test drives. We will provide you with updates to keep you informed. Once you are matched with a buyer, we will arrange any document processing on your behalf. We will handle the DMV, insurance and bank paperwork properly. As a private seller, you may not know how to release yourself from liability. If not done correctly, and the buyer feels the car was not represented accurately, they may have legal claim to a refund. If you haven't processed the paperwork properly you can be held responsible for the buyer's negligence. We take care of all paperwork, releasing you from all liability immediately upon sale and get your money to you in the fastest possible fashion.

How is the price of my vehicle determined?

We will do a thorough market analysis on your car, checking many of the listing sites to see where similar vehicles are priced. We also look at current auction results, for these most accurately reflect current market conditions. Keep in mind, how you price your car will have a great influence on how fast it will sell.

Where is my vehicle listed?

All listings post on our own site, Car gurus, listing all cars, Cars.com, Carfax, and Ebay. We will also have your car placed within our own showroom giving it visibility among our inventory. We work extremely hard to maximize exposure to your vehicle during the marketing process.

What happens when someone wants to buy my vehicle?

We present you with the offers we receive for your vehicle, accepting them or rejecting them is up to you if the offer is lower than our initial price analysis. If you accept the offer, we will make arrangements to finalize the deal, process all paperwork, and prepare the vehicle for delivery. Once your vehicle is delivered and the funding is finalized we will cut you a check within 5 business days.

What if a potential buyer has a trade?

Approximately 40% of used car buyers have a car they wish to trade, another reason why they want to purchase a car from a dealer. Most don't want to bother with selling it themselves and want to enjoy the sales tax savings on their purchase. Trades are treated the same as cash and you’ll still realize the same net money in your pocket. We welcome trade-ins resulting in a quicker sale for you.

Do I have to leave my vehicle with you?

We do recommend leaving your vehicle with us to increase your chances of a quick sale. We can offer a variety of flexible options that allow you to drive your car while it’s for sale. Our online marketing skills will drive maximum exposure for your vehicle, and we will work with you to schedule test drive appointments while minimizing any inconvenience.

What if a potential buyer needs financing?

Over 80% of all cars sold are financed, so having options for our customers to get financed makes selling a car much easier than for a private seller. We regularly assist our customers get financed whether they have good credit or not. These options make purchasing more attractive and feasible to buyers.


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